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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Hurting & The Hopeful - Charities & the Economic Crisis

Across the country, news stories are emerging that are bringing to light the impact of the economic crisis on charities.

Two surveys have been released concerning charitable donations:
Consumers Plan Further Spending Cuts as the Economy Worsens, Finds New Booz & Company Survey
Seventh Annual GuideStar Nonprofit Economic Survey Reveals Significant Challenges for Charities

Some individual charities are hurting:
Museums Fear Lean Days Ahead
It's a hard time to be a charity
Nation's charities face an uncertain holiday season
Nonprofits, charities brace for the worst
Charities struggle to meet high demand

There are a few bright spots:
Grant Makers Urged to Respond to Financial Crisis
Charities Urge Next President to Expand Giving Incentives
Schwab Charitable Offers Eight Smart Tips to Stretch Charitable Dollars During This Giving Season

It is striking to read about charities that have relied very heavily on certain donors and assessing your own vulnerability in that area would be a good thing to put on your "to do" list before you finish your FY 2009 budget.

It seems there will be plenty of cause for organizations to become as creative as possible in the coming year. CommUlinks will be conducting a survey about what charities might be doing to change their fundraising strategies. Visit our website at www.commulinks.com and sign up for our Forbenefit newsletter to receive the results of that survey when they are available.

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