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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is Your Organization Using Social Media Enough?

A recent article published by the New Communications Review highlights the untapped donors that can be found through the use of social media. Is your organization reaching this potential group of high donors?

Read the article: Social Media Provide Untapped Opportunity to Engage High Dollar Non-Profit Donors, According to Community Philanthropy 2.0 Research Study.

CommUlinks Connects Colorado

CommUlinks of Colorado launched a special Twitter page designed to bring together Colorado tweeters. It is part of our company's ongoing mission to create common community communication links. Join us at ConnectColorado: http://twitter.com/ConnectColorado

Status of Colorado Foundations

As reported in an article published in the Denver Post on August 2, 2009, Colorado Foundations saw their investments plunge between 20 and 30 percent and will be contributing between eight and 12 percent less to nonprofits:

Lack of donors put culture on hold in Colorado
Museums and foundations are struggling to find donors for projects

The bright spots in this report are the ingenious ways nonprofits are coping with the problems they face, which is a true testiment to the spirit of nonprofits. Foundations are obviously working hard to address emerging issues as well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spirit of the People

Nonprofits do not need to be educated on the impact the economic problems on their missions, fundraising, and on those they serve. It is obvious that the math is not working in favor of charities right now:
More people to serve + less income = ?
Rather than assuming that the result of the above equation is a negative, it may be best to assume that the question mark stands for ingenuity. By their nature, nonprofits are made up of visionary people who sought to address a need. Now, the call to action is clear and there is no doubt that charities and those who support them, are rising to the occasion to advocate for those they serve and society as a whole. The following are some recent articles about such cases.

A stimulus for nonprofits: Don't discount the value or distress of nonprofits

Tax-exempt groups must adapt to economic woes

What does it mean for charities to reinvent themselves? All over the country, nonprofits are asking this question and responding. They are finding new ways to work together and are developing coordinated responses to critical needs:

Denver Foundation donates nearly $300,000 to organizations providing food

Over 100 Groups Unite for 'Unprecedented' Response to Economic Crisis

Charlotte generous to new crisis fund: Critical Needs Response Fund raises $2.6 million to help charities through a tough economic winter.

Salvation Army in Kalamazoo looks to expand help to unemployed

Americans are also responding:
Recession Angels Rise to the Occasion: Extraordinary People Give Back to Their Communities When It Matters Most

Southwest Florida meets economic crisis with charity

Through all of most difficult times in America, the most forgotten asset has been the spirit of the people. Nonprofits exemplify this spirit and will continue to harness the energy of the people to solve problems.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Hurting & The Hopeful - Charities & the Economic Crisis

Across the country, news stories are emerging that are bringing to light the impact of the economic crisis on charities.

Two surveys have been released concerning charitable donations:
Consumers Plan Further Spending Cuts as the Economy Worsens, Finds New Booz & Company Survey
Seventh Annual GuideStar Nonprofit Economic Survey Reveals Significant Challenges for Charities

Some individual charities are hurting:
Museums Fear Lean Days Ahead
It's a hard time to be a charity
Nation's charities face an uncertain holiday season
Nonprofits, charities brace for the worst
Charities struggle to meet high demand

There are a few bright spots:
Grant Makers Urged to Respond to Financial Crisis
Charities Urge Next President to Expand Giving Incentives
Schwab Charitable Offers Eight Smart Tips to Stretch Charitable Dollars During This Giving Season

It is striking to read about charities that have relied very heavily on certain donors and assessing your own vulnerability in that area would be a good thing to put on your "to do" list before you finish your FY 2009 budget.

It seems there will be plenty of cause for organizations to become as creative as possible in the coming year. CommUlinks will be conducting a survey about what charities might be doing to change their fundraising strategies. Visit our website at www.commulinks.com and sign up for our Forbenefit newsletter to receive the results of that survey when they are available.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unique Ideas for Managing Tough Times

Nonprofit organizations are extremely creative and typically adapt well to many changing circumstances. We would be very interested to receive comments to the following question:

What is your organization planning to do to adapt to changes in our economic circumstances?

The Economy & Nonprofits

Most nonprofits must be considering at this point how the new economic landscape is going to impact them. There have been many insightful articles written on this subject, and we seek to provide you with information from many sources through our blog. We have created a special links section to articles and other information we have found on this subject that we hope will be useful to you.

The following are some very useful resources:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has assembled an interesting piece on How Charities Cope With a Troubled Economy.

You may also be interested in listening the NPR's program, All Things Considered, which covered the potential impact on nonprofits.

Listen to the program

Other recent articles:
Vail Valley nonprofits see more need
Wall Street's Financial Crisis Rocks Nonprofits
Wall Street Meltdown Will Hit Charities When Cash Is Most Needed

Most of what we have read so far has indicated that there have been few times in US history when nonprofit donations have decreased. However, many are noting that certain parts of the sector can be affected more than others. The general advice being given is to plan for the worst but hope for the best - but by all means, don't do nothing.

We will bring you as much information as possible on this subject. Please take a moment to join our blog and to send us your blog information so that we may add a link to your blog.