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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Economy & Nonprofits

Most nonprofits must be considering at this point how the new economic landscape is going to impact them. There have been many insightful articles written on this subject, and we seek to provide you with information from many sources through our blog. We have created a special links section to articles and other information we have found on this subject that we hope will be useful to you.

The following are some very useful resources:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has assembled an interesting piece on How Charities Cope With a Troubled Economy.

You may also be interested in listening the NPR's program, All Things Considered, which covered the potential impact on nonprofits.

Listen to the program

Other recent articles:
Vail Valley nonprofits see more need
Wall Street's Financial Crisis Rocks Nonprofits
Wall Street Meltdown Will Hit Charities When Cash Is Most Needed

Most of what we have read so far has indicated that there have been few times in US history when nonprofit donations have decreased. However, many are noting that certain parts of the sector can be affected more than others. The general advice being given is to plan for the worst but hope for the best - but by all means, don't do nothing.

We will bring you as much information as possible on this subject. Please take a moment to join our blog and to send us your blog information so that we may add a link to your blog.


The Denver Foundation said...

The Denver Foundation's Technical Assistance blog has a post about how TA can help build the capacity of organizations to cope with tough times.

Thanks for posting the useful links!

Renee Beauregard & Jim Moore said...

Thank you! I just added the TA Blog to "Our Blogs".