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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spirit of the People

Nonprofits do not need to be educated on the impact the economic problems on their missions, fundraising, and on those they serve. It is obvious that the math is not working in favor of charities right now:
More people to serve + less income = ?
Rather than assuming that the result of the above equation is a negative, it may be best to assume that the question mark stands for ingenuity. By their nature, nonprofits are made up of visionary people who sought to address a need. Now, the call to action is clear and there is no doubt that charities and those who support them, are rising to the occasion to advocate for those they serve and society as a whole. The following are some recent articles about such cases.

A stimulus for nonprofits: Don't discount the value or distress of nonprofits

Tax-exempt groups must adapt to economic woes

What does it mean for charities to reinvent themselves? All over the country, nonprofits are asking this question and responding. They are finding new ways to work together and are developing coordinated responses to critical needs:

Denver Foundation donates nearly $300,000 to organizations providing food

Over 100 Groups Unite for 'Unprecedented' Response to Economic Crisis

Charlotte generous to new crisis fund: Critical Needs Response Fund raises $2.6 million to help charities through a tough economic winter.

Salvation Army in Kalamazoo looks to expand help to unemployed

Americans are also responding:
Recession Angels Rise to the Occasion: Extraordinary People Give Back to Their Communities When It Matters Most

Southwest Florida meets economic crisis with charity

Through all of most difficult times in America, the most forgotten asset has been the spirit of the people. Nonprofits exemplify this spirit and will continue to harness the energy of the people to solve problems.

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